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About B{CODE}


Hackathons are marathon coding events, which gathers innovators and developers together to collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time. Hackathons are ultimate exhibition of skills for programmers, where they develop innovative prototypes to solve some given set of problems.


The B{CODE} is a government led intiative to engage and tap into the local community, with the aim of providing participants with a platform to showcase their skills, while raising awareness about national issues. The objectives of the Brunei National Hackathon are as follows:


  • Identify and educate the public to a set of problem statements
  • Encourage participants to develop innovatie solutions
  • Provide participants with training and mentoring opportunities
  • Create opportunities for business development (PPP)

The B{CODE} represents a unique opportunity to compete with best developers and to get mentorship. Teams can network with tech companies and policy makers from this very event. Winning the National Hackathon will give participants nationwide visibility and amazing prizes. Selected solutions may be provided the opportunity to be implemented and deployed by the Government.


The official organizer of the competition is the Prime Minister's Office, and it will be organized and led by the E-Government National Centre in collaboration with the Energy and Industry Department at Prime Minister's Office and the Brunei Microsoft Corporation. This competition is the first time ever held in Brunei Darusslaam at the national level.



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